Eucalyptus Mineral Bucket

Product Description:

The bucket that breathes!

√ Mineral lick specially designed with the intention to help alleviate stress and respiratory problems in calves and young cattle especially at time of housing.

√ Containing menthol and eucalyptus, it offers a natural aid to maintain a healthy respiratory system whilst also building up the animals immune system.

√ We use organic seaweed which bind all the minerals with amino acids making minerals more bio-available.

√ We use the Bioplex range of organic trace minerals providing mineral nutrition in a form as close to nature as possible.


20 kg and 80 kg block

Consumption Rate:

- 50 to 150g/animal/day.
- Allow one bucket per 10 animals

About Advance Nutrition Products:

Advance Nutrition use a range of trace minerals that provide mineral nutrition in a form as close to nature as possible. Our minerals are trace minerals that are bound to amino acids and a range of peptides. They are easily absorbed and readily metabolised, optimising animal performance. Trace minerals (zinc, manganese, copper, iron and cobalt*) are co-factors in enzymes critical to the animal’s defense system, growth and reproduction.

Advance Nutrition Minerals:

Advance Nutrition Key Factors:

Our Yeast provides the nutritional platform needed to:

  • Maintain condition in high producers.

  • Enhance digestibility.

  • Promote the digestion and utilisation of nutrients.

More informations on our Live Yeast view here.

√  Advance Nutrition use rumen buffers which improve the rumen for increased performance, health and profitability.

√  The natural honeycomb structure of the calcareous marine algae breaks down slowly in the rumen providing twice the buffering capacity of sodium bicarbonate.

√  Our rumen buffers stabilise the pH levels within the rumen over a longer period resulting in improved rumen performance.