High Fertility Bolus

Product Information:

Unique long acting bolus that provides a balanced and controlled supply of cobalt, selenium, magnesium, iodine and vitamin B12.
You prepare for fertility during the drying off and post-partum phases. This bolus supplies the essential trace elements required during these critical periods. Use at drying off or during the dry periods from drying off through calving and re-breeding. It can be also used alongside the Copper Plus bolus where required.

Dosage rate:

1 bolus for young stock and 2 boluses for adult cattle


6 months

Available in:

20 units

Trace Elements:


• 1 bolus (mg/day) = 65.8


• 1 bolus (mg/day) = 16.15


• 1 bolus (mg/day) = 3.24


• 1 bolus (mg/day) = 0.82

Vitamin B12

• 1 bolus (mg/day) = 0.019