Advance Nutrition Pre Calver Blocks

Product Description:

A major benefit of buying pre-calving minerals direct from Advance Nutrition is that we can offer a great deal of flexibility in the mineral that we supply you.

The product can be formulated specifically to suit your farming system, the diet being used and take into account the herd performance and any other circumstances thus giving you the peace of mind of having a bespoke product made to order for your farm and requirements.

It can be just a basic mineral supplement or a complete package of minerals and other feed ingredients e.g. rumen buffers, yeasts etc. this will help you to save time on the farm and reduce waste whilst reducing the number of products that you need to add.

Whether you would like us to quote you for a specification that you are already using or you would like us to formulate a special mineral to suit your farm situation, contact us today for a quotation.


Unique 10kg block fits any holder.

Consumption Rate:

- 50 to 100g/animal/day.


Key Points about Advance Nutrition Pre Calver Blocks: