‘Epatral by Advance Nutrition. It’s going to be legenDairy’.

Picture yourself driving a formula 1 at maximum speed. All lights are green... and suddenly… black out. What is the diagnosis? Just a clogged car filter. Now, imagine this scenario in the case of animal production: the filter maps to the animal liver, a central metabolic organ. The liver acts as a blood cleanser, detoxifier and plays a pivotal role for the proper functioning of animal organism. If a liver begins functioning abnormally, what is the best course of action to take? EPATRAL!

EPATRAL is intended for all ruminants subjected to digestive and liver challenges. It is used to support the role of liver detoxification and improve the activity of this organ’s other functions. EPATRAL sustains optimal functioning of organs involved in digestion: liver, gallbladder and pancreas.


25 litre

Consumption Rate:

- Adults bovine: 50 ml/cow/day during 6 days

Return on Investment Average €3.50 for €1.00

Key benefits in using Advance Nutrition EPATRAL