"It’s going to be legenDairy’"

Epatral by Advance Nutrition


for the animal nutrition industry. Advance nutrition offer high quality nutrition and forage products directly to livestock and equine farms in Ireland.

"The bucket that breathes!"

√ Reduce stress on the respiratory system
√ Antimicrobial & antiseptic properties
√ Eucalyptus & Menthol infused
√ Rumen pH stabilisers

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Something awesome is on the way. We are working on new and exciting products that we think you’ll really like! More information coming soon.

We offer a wide range of mineral formulations designed specifically with your dairy herd in mind. Providing a dairy cattle mineral supplement that suits your specific needs, we can assist farmers in keeping their cows in the best health. With the right nutrition and the correct vitamins, you can help to prevent a number of deficiencies, such as infertility, metabolic diseases, lameness, infectious diseases, facial eczema and more.


Here to Help

Our local Area Managers are practical farming people – most have managed farms and animals themselves. They have their own personal experience and knowledge to call on plus the extensive resources of the Advance Nutrition nutritional team, to offer advice, products and services to optimise animal performance. Our locally-based team of Area and Business Managers cover the length of Ireland.

From Cork to Donegal – each one knowing their local farm conditions, systems and needs – then matching products to each farm situation with the assistance of the Advance Nutrition nutritionist. Our local team can offer unparalleled service levels for support, product availability and delivery.